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About Us

About Us

Representing people,
that’s what we’re here for.

When we first opened our doors, we had two attorneys and a tiny office space. But we had big plans and even bigger dreams: to provide representation to our clients in a way that wasn’t billable-hour driven, but results-oriented. We believed that creativity, strong but mindful advocacy, education, and responsiveness are crucial to providing successful representation. We wanted to build relationships with the legal and local communities, not only to grow our practice, but to promote civility and justice. We wanted to build a firm that operated with a team approach so that we could meet as many of our clients’ legal needs as possible while ensuring we didn’t get so big that we lost sight of our clients as individuals.  As people.

With a bit more space now and four attorneys, an of counsel attorney, three paralegals, full-time receptionist, office manager, and a communications manager, we are fulfilling our mission to provide mindful representation to all of our clients in a way that fosters our commitment to be humans first and lawyers second.  With our team approach, we are able to coordinate our skills and strengths while staying true to our results-oriented versus billable-hour mission.   

As a result, our attorneys are able to offer representation in many different areas of law: Personal Injury, Family Law, Criminal, Business, Employment, Civil, and all aspects of Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianships, and Medicaid Planning. Our dream of providing excellent representation to our clients in as many ways as possible is a reality.  And we thank our wonderful clients and colleagues for placing their trust in us.  We don’t take it lightly!

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Why work with us?


The right thing is more important than the easy thing.


We’re people first, lawyers second.


We’re really smart. like smarter than the other guys.


Our work and our lives are in Southern Maryland. We’ve cultivated fantastic relationships.

Team Approach

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our great team

Credentials & Accolades

85 years of combined experience. Consistent ‘SuperLawyers’ ranking since 2012.


We are Ferrante, Dill & Hisle LLC

What our clients say about us

  • Mr. Harvey has always been the man when you need legal advice. I've always appreciated his honesty.
  • Mr. Harvey truly represents his clients like no other and I've always been very grateful for his representation. Words could never describe my appreciation and I'll be forever grateful.
  • I would start out by saying Nick is a trustworthy Lawyer. He was there after 5 which is hard to find and also available on weekends. I felt completely confident in the advice Nick was providing to me and my business. He actually was able to handle some situations that much larger law firms could not tackle. I would attribute that to his knowledge in his field but also with the relationships he has made over the years. I found he was respected by his peers and that is not something you find with Lawyers. I would use him and I highly recommend you start and finish your search for a GREAT attorney with Nick.
  • Jennifer Dill, attorney, was highly recommended to me by another well respected local attorney with which I had experience, but he has no Domestic / Family experience. I found Ms. Dill to be especially effective when communicating with my children as well as myself. She never lost sight of the desires and needs of my children and my long term needs. Ms. Dill was always clear and easy to speak with. She valued my time as well as I valued her time. Discussions concerning intermediate needs and long term goals were never forgotten. Of the attorneys I have had the opportunity meet both professionally and personally, she stands well above others as a concerned, considerate and conscientious supporter of my needs and rights.
  • I was being charged with Felony Theft and Burglary for illegally rescuing a Great Dane from someone who was neglecting him. Mr. Ferrante was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, quickly returned phone calls, answered all my questions, did an over abundance of research, and above all was honest with me, and never gave me false hope. He got me a plea bargain with the State’s Attorney to drop the burglary and brought my felony theft down to a misdemeanor with probation and community service. I was facing 13 years in prison and walked away with comparably, next to nothing!
  • Competent, professional, timely…returned all calls, answered all of my questions with diplomacy…most importantly, followed through with execution and obtained justice for me when no one else could/would…additionally, I am an out-of-state client who hired Ms. Dill after a phone interview – that’s how confident I was that she could attend to matters at hand in a fully capable manner. I would HIGHLY recommend Ms. Dill to handle any legal matter.