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When we first opened our doors, we had two attorneys, an of counsel attorney and three staff members, and we were in a tiny office space. But we had big plans and even bigger dreams: to provide representation to our clients in a way that wasn’t billable-hour driven, but results-oriented. Believing that creativity, strong but mindful advocacy, education, and responsiveness are crucial to providing successful representation. We wanted to build relationships with the legal and local communities in order to promote not only civility but recognizing that such partnerships can fill in the gaps. We wanted to build a firm that operated with a team approach that could meet as many of our clients’ legal needs as possible while ensuring we didn’t get so big that we lost sight of our clients as individuals.

We soon moved to an office space more than double the size of our tiny basement office and laughed at how much room we had, never thinking we’d fill it up. And now we’re overflowing! With four attorneys, an of counsel attorney, three paralegals, two part-time receptionists, an office manager, and a marketing director.

Our attorneys offer representation in many different areas of law: Family Law, Personal Injury, Criminal, Business, Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship, Trust Administration, Elder Law, and Medicaid. Now our dream of providing excellent representation to our clients in as many ways as possible is a reality.

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